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The time is now. To make change. To right wrongs. To be the best version of ourselves. To love everyone equally. And to do the work in our company and in our communities to create real change, because black lives matter. Our Mission is to Promote Goodwill.  And we believe that every piece is important. It is incumbent upon us to do better.

Donatos was founded on the basic principle of treating others the way you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule is the cornerstone to what we stand for as a company. Donatos is rooted in love…and equality.  Hate, racism, judgement or violence are just not in alignment with who we are. We are a family and we owe it to our family to do the work.  From the work we do in our communities today to the work we will do tomorrow.

And we will. And we will start by listening. 

We hear you,

Tom Krouse and Jane Abell