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Rewards: Did you know?


1) It's free to join.

Signing up doesn't cost a thing! And you'll have access to members-only offers, bonus points, and more.


2) You don't need to order online to earn points.

Simply provide the phone number on your rewards account when you order by phone or in person!


3) You don't need to wait for rewards.

You can redeem points at any time for rewards like $3 off or $5 off. Plus, members will periodically receive special deals you can't find anywhere else!


4) Points last a long time.

Once they're earned, points don't expire for more than a year!


5) Earning bonus points is free and easy!

Once you sign up, you'll have the opportunity to earn 100 points right off the bat. From time to time, new surveys will appear in your account to get you free pizza faster.


Don't miss out on rewards for the pizzas you're already ordering!

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